The citizen-soldier is a fundamental concept of the American army. In early American times most free men would have been very familiar with firearms - a working firearm was a prized possession, indispensable in everyday life to the hunter, farmer, or frontiersman, and often a finely crafted, costly status symbol for the gentleman sportsman. While soldiers in a standing army might have been issues the latest in firearms and ordnance, the militiaman and countryman often had to make do with whatever was at hand. Occasionally wives and children would follow their menfolk to the military camps, and evidence of domestic life is often found at military campsite excavations.
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Dummy Guns, Ordnance, & Signal Whistles
The term "dummy gun" comes from the 18th century, when young militia recruits were given sticks or simply shaped, non-functioning wooden guns for practice in drilling and marching in formation. Our full-sized wood dummy guns, simply shaped and non-functioning as the originals were, are faithful to the silhouette and proportions of the historic firearm each represents, and are provided with a hang tag with history.