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Our Professional Model fifes are crafted at our Vermont shop of the finest instrument-grade grenadilla (African blackwood). We make contemporary two-piece fifes with a profiled bore with either 6 or 10 holes, in both the Cooperman and McDonagh bore styles, as well classic one-piece, 6 hole fifes with straight bores in either standard or small-bore styles.
Our Student Model fifes are crafted at our Vermont shop of instrument-grade persimmon wood and FDA approved black plastic. We make student fifes in the traditional one-piece design with 6 holes and a straight bore. These fifes are made with the same attention to detail and quality as our Professional Model fifes, while the choice of materials keeps the price affordable for the beginner.
Shop seconds (fifes with cosmetic-only blemishes), display model fifes, and antique fifes are available from time to time. If any are available at this time, there will be a small image above that you can click on to see the details of the fife being offered.