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Cooperman drums are crafted in small batches; expect your drum to be ready in a week to 10 days. WE HAVE NOW POSTED OUR PRICES WITHOUT THE SOFT PADDED BAG. Many of our clients nest our drums for storage and transport, so we are giving you the option to save by not including a bag you may not need in the price of the drum.
Cooperman Endorsing artist Marla Leigh also plays: Signature 16" Marla Tar 20" Tar with REMO Ebony Suede drumhead 14" Tar with REMO Ebony Suede drumhead
Bodhran Tippers Soft Padded Bags
From time to time we are inspired by conversations we've had with artists during the course of product development, or we prototype a design inspired by the comments we hear at festivals and workshops. Sometimes a particular piece of wood speaks to us...Perhaps one of these will speak to you too...