The rich musical traditions of these folk instruments continue in an unbroken line from early American to the present. All of these instruments except the harmonicas are generally appropriate for all early American time periods; harmonicas are most appropriate from the early 1800s on.
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The fife came early to the New World colonies from Europe, as a military instrument with soldiers and a folk instrument with settlers. The fife was an essential instrument to 18th c. military forces, being used not only to signal commands in battle but also to call out the daily routines of camp life; it maintained that role throughout the time of the American Civil War. As military fifers returned to civilian life, they brought the fife with them into the mainstream of folk music. Our fifes are in the traditional key of Bb. Click on the item name for the types of fifes we make.
Harmonicas were among the toys and novelties advertised for sale as Christmas presents in 1833. By the mid-1800s, cowboys were playing their harmonicas on the long trails west, and many a Civil War soldier had a harmonica in his pocket.
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