Our Price: $385.00


The 12" Purple haze model  is offers a completely different drumming experience than the other two drums in the Marla series.  Although the smallest diamaeter(12")  in this series, the depth of the shell is significantly extended to almost 5".   This added depth gives the drum surprising punch, and combined with a REMO Ebony Suede drumhead, it  extends the midrange tonal pallette.    We’ve dramatically rolled the exterior, playing-side edge (a “roundover bevel”) to give it a “fatter”, more mellow sound and to reduce overtones.  This rolled edge is designed to  facilitate fast finger-snaps and split-hand techniques, and facilitates the exploration of some doumbek techniques that Marla applies to the frame drume.

12" Diameter x 4 7/8" depth, steamvent single ply Cherry shell stained deep purple, with REMO Evony suede drumhead.