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Web and leather slings for snare and bass drums.
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These basic snare and bass slings are made of nylon webbing. The snare slings have a sliding fitting for size adjustment; the harness bass sling is adjustable at each point of the 2 point carry.
Our traditional 18th/19th c. leather slings with drumstick loops, available in oil tanned buff leather or bandsman leather, have long ties that provide for size adjustment at the carry point. The ties can be attached directly to your carry hook, or the provided S hook can be used to hook onto your carry. The oil tanned buff leather and the bandsman leather are both period appropriate, both close in appearance, and both very difficult to obtain in a consistent supply. We will fill your order with the leather that is available, unless you instruct us otherwise. If you cannot add a sling to your cart, it means both leathers are out of stock at this time.
For the highest quality leather slings, and the best fit, we recommend you purchase from Loyal Drums of Virginia. Slings and prices are at the Loyal Drums web store; other colors and customization is also available. (click on this category for link to Loyal Drums store)