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The rich musical traditions of these folk instruments continue in an unbroken line from early American to the present. All of these instruments except the harmonicas are generally appropriate for all early American time periods; harmonicas are most appropriate from the early 1800s on.
Just like children today, boys and girls in early America enjoyed simple toys and games that could be played alone or with others. We have chosen to make timeless toys and games that were popular from early times right through modern day, with activities ranging from the athletic Game of Graces through the thoughtful Bilbo-Catcher toy.
The citizen-soldier is a fundamental concept of the American army. In early American times most free men would have been very familiar with firearms - a working firearm was a prized possession, indispensable in everyday life to the hunter, farmer, or frontiersman, and often a finely crafted, costly status symbol for the gentleman sportsman. While soldiers in a standing army might have been issues the latest in firearms and ordnance, the militiaman and countryman often had to make do with whatever was at hand. Occasionally wives and children would follow their menfolk to the military camps, and evidence of domestic life is often found at military campsite excavations.
Commonplace items open a window for us into the culture of early America. The coins that were used in trade, household items like quill pens, and even small nods to vanity like the ostrich plumes, all speak volumes about the everyday lives led by early Americans.