Our Price: $75.00


A trio of our most popular sticks - A Marching Model, an Orchestral model, and a Hybrid model.

If purchased separately, $96.00.  SPECIAL PRICE FOR one of each (3 pairs) = $75.00 plus shipping.



The #1 Graham Johns model is an outstanding orchestral drumstick, the #1 has a small round bead for a crisp, clean, and bright sound, and a

short taper with the weighted feel near the middle of the stick providing an exceptional balance/weight ratio


We consider our #24 Fastick to be our transition model from concert to marching. The long taper, thinning into the bead, allows for fast response and articulation across all dynamic levels; the oval bead sized at the cusp of concert and marching styles is designed for volume.


Our most popular marching stick, the #21 Connecticut Drummer model is a classic, with a long taper and an oval bead for a range of focused to warm sound depending on your choice of playing style.